Our co-founder Greg is regularly invited to guest on some of the most listened to podcasts in the field. We have captured many of these on this page for your convenience. These conversation cover a range of topics and gives a clear indication of the thinking behind miMove. 

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PE Insights by Nathan Walker with Greg Dryer

Meet Greg Dryer, a physical education expert with a wealth of experience in leadership and PE teacher education. As the co-founder of the incredible MiMove app, Greg combines his passion for physical activity with technology to inspire others to lead active lives. With his uncanny knack for challenging conventional thinking, Greg is on a mission to ignite a global movement towards greater physical activity. Get ready to be motivated and inspired. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the episode!


Questioning Purpose in Physical Education - Greg Dryer (Pt1) - Meaningful Sport Series

Greg was still the Director of the Centre for Physical Education, Sport and Activity at Kingston University when he did his first podcast session in the autumn 2020 with Meaningful Sport Series. After the previous conversation, Greg has chosen to fully focus on working on the miMove app he co-founded in 2019.

The main contents of the conversation then include:

  • Everyday physical activity and active transport as supporting life flourishing?
  •  "Life coaching" - problems and possibilities
  • Digital tools: possibilities and challenges in supporting people in their physical activity journey


The Primary PE Huddle - We don’t move for functional reasons, we move for the joy of it - Greg Dryer

Dan Hays and Paul Warner from Aspire Sports aim to discover the power behind PE School Sport and Physical Activity in primary school.

A range of subjects are discussed with miMove co-founder Greg Dryer such as: never stop learning, don’t shortcut what goes wrong, triggering the conversation, everyone needs to find their playground, experiences that trigger an emotional response, embeding life habits, staying in your lane and cutting through confusion. 


The Debate Project Episode 1: The Role of Conceptual Learning in Physical Education

This episode is the first ever publicly broadcast debate in the sphere of physical education and focusses on the role of conceptual learning in physical education. James Simms moderates a debate between Lee Sullivan author of "Is PE in Crisis?" and head of PE and Greg Dryer, co-founder of miMove and PE lecturer.

Lee and Greg debate conceptual learning and their visions for the future of the physical education subject. They are also joined by panelists Vik Merrick, Laura Davies, Will Swaithes, Ronnie Heath and Phil Mathe.


Using Apps in Physical Education - Implications for Meaningfulness? Greg Dryer (Pt2) – Meaningful Sport Series

The second part of the discussion explores to the role of using apps and other ways of measuring our physical activity and how they might shape how we think and feel about movement, or even how we find meaning in it.

Greg’s project of developing and launching the miMove app that aims to help practitioners to support young people in developing a physical activity habit and to provide the data for schools to monitor impact, review and celebrate their work in PE. 



Is Fun a Necessary Part of 'Good' Physical Education – Greg Dryer (Pt1) – Meaningful Sport Series

Is fun a necessary part of good physical education, or are there other, more profound experiences that might be more important for young people? Today’s episode continues explorations meaning and value of physical education in young people’s lives.

The discussion is shaped by a critical perspective, and we ask questions about privilege, marginalised identities and the taken-for-granted ideology of sport as promoting positive youth development. 



Episode #25. Contrarian thinking towards physical education with Greg Dryer

Our co-founder Greg Dryer speaks with physiotherapist Daniel Elias who has a mission to to improve the health of children and young people to facilitate a healthy, happy existence.

In their discussion they talk about how physical activity can enhance life quality, finding connections with a movement environment, what assessment looks like in physical education, the notion of commercialised sport vs. youth sport and much more. The host writes...'I was honoured to have this conversation with Greg, and I hope you enjoy absorbing his knowledge and wisdom.'


The Active Code #5 If you don't know, you don't really care - Greg Dryer

Paul Griffiths and Luke Johnson from Aspire Active Partnerships aim to discover The Active Code. What is takes to be a successful leader and leading organisations towards combatting inactivity to help more children, be more active, more often. 

Our co-founder Greg Dryer discusses a range of subjects in this podcast such as the sector’s responsibility to measure physical activity levels and the value of data in improving physical activity levels. 


Under the Umbrella with Greg Dryer 

Our co-founder Greg Dryer talks over what excites him about PE, his teaching background and what Greg learned from his time in India and the importance of early PA experiences.

Part 1 is followed by part 2 that goes into further detail on What is an ideal PE lesson recipe, what is the worst lesson you taught and why? How do our experiences of PE shape our teaching practice? The miMove app and the positive impact on movement and emotion.



Infinite Leaders: Live #31: Greg Dryer

Greg shares his opinions on why Physical Activity is crucial to every child, why children love it and what we can do as parents and educators to get more children moving, more often.

Whilst using the analogy ‘It’s not the colour of the shoe that matters, it’s whether it fits’ Greg discusses why children choose to be active and how technology can help us learn more to support lifelong activity. 


# 164 - The Feedback Fallacy With Greg Dryer, Aaron Beighle, Jorge Rodriguez and Andy Vasily

Jorge Rodriguez, Aaron Beighle, Greg Dryer and Andy Vasily dive deeply into a discussion about the role of feedback on professional growth and learning in the field of physical education. Using the Harvard Business Review article The Feedback Fallacy as a starting point for our discussion.

This led nicely into a deeper discussion about the impact that feedback can have on teacher practice and ultimately the role that Twitter can play in promoting professional growth and learning in our profession



#159 - Learner Centeredness in PE with Greg Dryer

In this episode, Greg Dryer and Andy Vasily have an in-depth discussion about relevance, autonomy, meaning and purpose in physical education.

At the time, Greg was the founder and director of the Centre for Physical Education, Sport and Activity at Kingston University in the UK. The podcast illustrates how he has devoted himself  to better understanding the role of physical activity and sport in young people's lives. 


Developing Activity Habits in Physical Education – The Process of Movement Matters!

Greg and Jordan place emphasis on teaching students “why” we do something in PE before we tell them “what” to do. Prepare for a Huddle that brings to life what many teachers talk about, but few do – motivate students to focus on the process of moving throughout their lifespan.

Discussion will be centred on why physical activity is a habit that needs to be learned in the school setting and practiced throughout life. Traditional physical education has often focused on short term outcomes rather than monitoring the process of physical activity for all students.