Making the World More Active | miMove Podcast

on the Making the World More Active | miMove Podcast our co-founder Greg chats with a range of guests all of whom are experienced professionals in physical education & sport.



A chat with Vicky Randall

Dr Vicky Randall continues to make a significant contribution to the world of physical education and primary PE, in particular. In this fascinating and candid conversation, Vicky discusses a range of topics including:

  • The impact of funding and a reflections on the current state of primary PE
  • Were we better with the previous NC and the Attainment Levels?
  • The role and effectiveness of ITE in supporting future PE leads
  • Does the PE premium help or hinder us?
  • Vicky also gives an insight into the wonderful work she and her colleagues are doing to support young people's mental wellbeing with Stormbreak -


A chat with Mo Jafar (Pt2)

In the second part of this fascinating conversation, Mo and Greg discuss: - Knowing & knowledge in PE

  • Who owns the knowledge?
  • If we need assessment in PE
  • Agency
  • Mo asks  the hypothetical question to teachers
  • if you leave tomorrow, how would your students move? - The importance of environment
  • do your students know what movement spaces are on their doorstep?
  • Social and cultural aspects of PE



A chat with Mo Jafar (Pt1)

Mo Jafar is an emerging superstar in the field of physical education. In this, the first of his two part conversation with our CEO, Greg, they talk about

Mo's unusual career path from not completing his first degree to community coaching for West Ham FC to HoD and then into his current role at UEL.

His learning journey along the way - What is subject knowledge? What do PE teachers need to know? - Seeking and applying knowledge and the importance of 'dwelling in the discomfort'

  • Teaching and learning in PE
  • The student journey in PE
  • The Ofsted Research Review and Mo's co-authored piece on PE as a Knowledge Rich Subject
  • Inclusion and exclusion in PE



A chat with Ben Anderson(Pt2)

Ben Anderson is an inspiration (a word we don't use readily). In the second part of this conversation,

Ben & Greg discuss

  • The pleasure of teaching early years #PE
  • The importance of children having a solid movement foundation
  • Helping students find their purpose 
  • Student centred success and outcomes - Gender and emotional intelligence
  • The academic work that shapes Ben's teaching



A chat with Ben Anderson(Pt1)

Ben Anderson is an inspiration (a word we don't use readily).

  • We were delighted that Ben found the time to join Greg to record this conversation. In it they discuss:
  • Ben's fascinating and varied career
  • What he's learnt from his previous jobs that help him be the teacher he is
  • His professional learning journey
  • Saving lives - literally!
  • The importance of relationships and community
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A chat with Dr Rachael Jefferson-Buchanan (Pt2)

Rachael lectures in human movement studies (health and PE) and creative arts within the School of Education at Charles Sturt University.   

In the second part of Greg’s conversation with Dr Rachael Jefferson-Buchanan, they discuss:

  • Gender inclusion, FMS and the prejudices that permeate
  • Gendered movement and innateness.                                 
  • The relevance of research on practice



A chat with Dr Rachael Jefferson-Buchanan (Pt1)

Rachael lectures in human movement studies (health and PE) and creative arts within the School of Education at Charles Sturt University. In part 1 of our conversation, Rachael shares what she's learnt in an amazing and varied career in which she's worked with 3 year olds through to postgrads in a mix of settings and countries from England to Australia via Switzerland, Egypt and Myanmar. Practitioners can't help but  learn from her experience and insight.  We talk at length about inclusive practice, aesthetics, play and fundamental movement. Rachels book, Fundamental Fun: 132 activities to develop fundamental movement skills can be found at You can/should follow Rachael on Twitter - @3dancingfeet.


A chat with Alec Masson (Pt 1 - 2)

n the conversation, Greg talks to Alec Mason who is Head of PE at Arden Academy in Solihull, UK. Alec shares his story and his innovative approach to PE. Greg and Alec also go into detail about the HOWs and WHATs of his innovative PE curriculum. 


 Supporting Trans Students with Simon Scarborough

Our Co-founder Greg sits in with Simon Scarborough (PE Lead at Crispin School) as he presents about Supporting transgender and gender diverse (TGD) young people in Physical Education. 


A chat with Will Swaithes (Pt 1 - 3)

Will and Greg chat all things PE...and more:

-Lifelong learning




-Olympic ideals


A chat with Hemir Hallgrimsson (Pt 1 - 2)

The miMove Co Founders are joined by Simon Scarborough and Andy Vasily for a conversation with probably the most overachieving coach in football history Hemir Hallgrimsson