SPH Pluit Village
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SPH Pluit Village, Jakarta, is Indonesia's premier leading Christian international school with an excellent Cambridge education programme that opened in 2014.


Oliver was worried that students were not being active out of school compared to how active they were in school. He saw this as an issue and as home learning brought Ed Tech to the forefront of student needs, he asked, "how I can use technology as a tool to help my students stay active and be able to see their progress in this are?"


After finding miMove, Oliver and SPH Pluit Village have benefited from a range of features. Oliver's ability to track students activity has given him information he couldn't access prior to SPH Pluit Village becoming a miMove School; he can now view activity data and student voice. This data has increased Oliver's confidence in curriculum design and development, as his decision making is based on better evidence and insight. Oliver also has more opportunity now to spark conversations with his students about their activities outside of school.


Live data has been crucial in development at SPH, understanding what is working and what isn’t working, leading to more efficient and effective results.

By using the miMove, he has been able to see which students are physically active during their free time, what activities they take part in and how it makes them feel.

Key Wins

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Ability to track activity data and student voice


See the impact of physical activity efforts at SPH


Understand students' experiences of physical activity better, leading to better relationships

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I'm impressed with the feature that allows me to access and engage with live data

Oliver Caja - PE Teacher at SPH Pluit Village